Lifestyle – Kanaka Springs


A day in the life at Kanaka Springs.
So much to see, so much to do.

Discover the coastal rainforests, the lakes and mountains surrounding you, where space echoes and whispers everything wonderful about where you live. Welcome to Kanaka Springs and discover an authentic local lifestyle, where there is always something new to explore. From your community haven, you may be surprised to learn how close you are to amenities of all kinds. A diverse array of shops, services, and schools will soon be within walking distance, while even more convenience is located in downtown Maple Ridge only a 10-minute drive away.

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9:00 AM

Enjoy a fresh morning latte At Kanaka Creek Coffee Shop

Take a stroll down to your favourite spot, just minutes away. Read a book and settle into that comforting feeling as you sip and savor a fresh artisan coffee and your favourite homemade baked good.

12:00 PM

Take the dog for a walk on the trails at Kanaka Creek Regional Park

After coffee, there is nothing more refreshing than walking through the forests of Kanaka Creek with access to the regional park & cliff falls just steps away from your home at Kanaka Springs. Where the waterfalls and sandstone cliffs rise out from the rugged landscape like castles out of time.

2:00 PM

Browse the shops at Cottonwood Crossing

Time to make a quick stop at the shops at Cottonwood Crossing to find that perfect gift for a friend. Or even the perfect new pair of sunglasses from Oak & Ivory Collective for yourself because everyone needs a little shopping therapy from time to time.

3:00 PM

Stop off at Albion Park playground with the kids

Toss a frisbee around or enjoy a picnic with the fam at Albion Park or Albion Fairgrounds, as the kids shriek and holler on the climber slides, play hut, water spray park, swings, spinning equipment and even a BMX pump track. The perfect stop off place with family in tow.

6:00 PM

Catch up with friends over dinner at Kingfisher’s Bar and Grill

Unwind, indulge, recharge, and refuel with an evening out and relish your social time. Cherish your relationships with an evening out, celebrating over an exquisite dinner and drinks with friends at this favourite local fine dining establishment. Take in the glory of the sun setting and the mighty Fraser River in action as it merges down towards the Pacific Ocean. A view that is always changing, and always inspiring.

8:00 PM

Enjoy the sunset before we return to our beautiful home

Take in the moment, ignite your passions, and smell the wood smoke drifting over the water from campsites situated further away. Silence is upon you with the encroaching season, as you watch the inky blue shadows slowly claim the pebbled shores of Fraser River, as the sun slowly starts to set and turn away.